The Rights of the Husband over the Wife

  • Allah (y) says about the pious wives: “So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard.” (4:34)
  • A’ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, said, “I asked the Messenger of Allah (s): ‘Whose right is greatest upon the woman?’ He said, ‘Her husband’s right.’ I then asked, ‘Whose right is greatest upon the man?’ He said, ‘His mother’s.’” (Haakim)
  • Husain b. Muhsan said my paternal aunt told me: I went to the Messenger of Allah (s) asking him about a certain matter. Thereafter he (s) asked me, “Do you have a husband?’ I replied affirmatively. He (s) asked, ‘How do you treat him?’ I replied, “I do my best serving him, until I cannot.’ He (s) said, ‘Take care of him, for he is either your [means to] Jannah (Paradise) or the Hell-Fire.’” (Haakim)
  • The Prophet (s) said: “If a [wife] performs her five daily prayers, observes the fast of the month of Ramadan, is chaste and safeguards herself, and obeys her husband, she would be given the choice to enter Jannah through any of its gates.” (Ibn Hibban) (Abu Dawood)
  • Mu’aadh b. Jabal said that he went to Shaam and saw the Christians prostrating to their priests and ministers. He saw the Jews prostrating to their rabbis and scholars. He asked them, “Why do you do this?” They replied, “This is the greeting due to the Prophets.” He said, “Our Prophet is more deserving of this honor!” The Prophet (s) then said: “They have forged lies against their prophets as they distorted their books. If I were to order anyone to prostrate to another human, I would have asked the woman to prostrate to her husband, due to the great right she owes him. A woman would not taste the sweetness of Iman unless she fulfills the right of her husband.” (Haakim)